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Hedgehog buys companies with brand equity. Then increases operational, production, and marketing efficiency via a shared services model.

6M+ Capital
raised to date from leading eComm CEOs

10+ Brands

40%+ YoY
organic growth from first cohort of brands

Join our Portfolio
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Founded by two Wharton MBAs, 8 years in business and experiencing a back-to-work bounce back.
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Founded by eComm apparel veteran, saw whitespace in heirloom quality knitwear.

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A brand that builds a community of outdoor culture and inspires people to go outside to experience nature in their own unique way.
We align to your incentives

We acquire niche brands that have built brand equity. We then optimize operations, production and marketing via a shared services model to ensure the brand will continue to deliver on its promise to customers for the long-term.

Interested? Here's How it Works


Initial Discussions

~3 days

Discuss the business you've created with the Hedgehog team and determine if a partnership can create a 1+1=3 outcome.


Light Touch Diligence

~3 days

Once mutual interest is established, we will hold additional follow up calls to better understand the financial position, needs and strategic options for the business.


Letter of Intent

~1 week

Once aligned on the path for the business, we'll prepare terms and a Letter of Intent for you to sign and continue the process. 


Diligence & Planning

2-4 weeks

The diligence process consists of a deeper dive into the business financials, in addition to preparation for an integration into the Hedgehog platform through conversations with critical team members across the organization.


The Close

2-4 weeks

Once we've finalized terms and charted the next path for the business, it's time to finalize the deal.


Minimum Company Size?

We're targeting quality brands generating ~$3-15m in run-rate revenue. It's at this size that we can create the most value through our shared services model and ecommerce expertise.

Specific Categories / Markets?

The category or market isn't as important to us as the quality of the brand. Our roots are in the apparel space, but we have brands across the spectrum (e.g., apparel, health, wellness, home).


We are looking for businesses with the large majority of their revenue (80%+) generated through ecommerce.

Reach out and let's get a conversation going.
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