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Our Portfolio

An established portfolio of profitable brands


Rec Room took everything you love about your activewear—super comfortable four-way-stretch fabrics, plus antimicrobial & wrinkle resistance properties—and transformed it into styles for the rest of your life.

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Inspired by the work-life balance thing, we create “workwear” for everywhere. From demanding client meetings to red-eye flights or last-minute drinks, our clothing fits every aspect of your day. Because who has time to change? (Answer: No one.)

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At Frances Austen, we make liveable luxury that will last a lifetime. In a culture that is instant, and a fashion industry oriented around disposability, we’re here to bring you timeless clothing to cherish forever.


At first we were just trying to solve a personal problem: Sweatpant overalls didn't exist, and we wanted a pair. So we made 'em and call them Swoveralls. Combining two of the most common apparel concepts, sweatpants and overalls, Swoveralls are cool, functional, and extremely comfortable.

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Thai inspired swimwear aimed at introducing a harmonious relationship of masculine and feminine energy to the United States.

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Rooted and designed in Portland, OR, Bridge & Burn offers Pacific Northwest-inspired wardrobe essentials for the individual in us all. Each season, we look to the natural beauty of the region to inspire our versatile designs, offering utilitarian details, styles that equally prioritize form and function, and fabrics that will last.

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A brand that builds a community of outdoor culture and inspires people to go outside to experience nature in their own unique way.

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Premier activewear subscription box that styles an individual how they want, when they want, for less than 50% of traditional Yoga clothing companies.

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