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We buy $3M to $15M revenue brands that have been built thoughtfully over 5+ years that are not-yet-profitable.

Who You Are:

You’ve poured years of your life, maybe you’ve raised money, and you’ve built a $3M to $15M revenue business but it's not quite what you envisioned. We get it, that was us.

The business is a bit too small for bankers and not quite profitable enough for brokers. You've reinvested every dollar back into the business so it doesn't produce enough net income to keep going. 

It's a messy middle. You're not large enough for a strategic acquirer, not profitable enough for a financial sponsor. So you get stuck. We love businesses like these because we think here's where we can be most helpful.

Who We Are:

We’re Founders. Combined we have started over 10 companies and bought and sold a handful of companies ranging from six-figures to eight-figures. Some have been failures, some are zombies, one has raised tens of millions of capital and one has sold to Berkshire Hathaway.

'Founder-Friendly' is an over-used term in early-stage capital markets. We'll get back to you about each step within 3 days, and never be shy to give a quick no vs the not right now. We're backed by the eCom powerhouses including CEOs of ThredUp, Lands End, Drizly, Italic, Settle, and early Klaviyo, Affirm. 

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